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17 April 2014


	696 (evolution) 

2 April 2014

Myst & Motion                

I hear the tugboat
From the Old Man's hollow

Over there, he is
With the lantern light
I follow

And Alone
I find respite from my own zone

Up top, I gaze below 
To find the Elysian Fields
That yield a place called Home

A purling river snakes thro'
From dale-to-dale
Soon, you'll see, we shall lift the veil
And regale

17 March 2014


From there to her
Replenishing life
Ever more than we'll ever know

Talking to my friend in Aether 
Guiding me from past times
Of a halcyon so wonderful

Lifetimes of learning
Have kept the world turning
And the Sun burning

11 July 2013

Island Light                

That night
I saw a light
An island light 
By the high land night

And in the water 
The serpent swam

Forever, a visit
I hold dear in hand

And in the sky
A guardian o'er the land

And on the water
A glowing orange mystery
Water'd the sand

Forever, a glowing memory
Held dearly in the land

12 May 2013

The Divine Mirror                

“But together they exist
From everlasting to everlasting”

21 December 2012

The Purling River                

A purling river runs through us
Whence sprang from His Divine Vein
And we whirl on forward
To the refulgent terra firma
Where the Golden Aeon reign.

17 October 2012


Times, lines, find
Through time, the Sign
Infinite line of fine

Thread of Will
Thread of Divine
One mind, two in kind

They thread the line
They sign the time
Mind the line
And find the line

The record of ALL
Twined Divine
Ip up and down and UP
New Land abound
Find, found, scintillate, effloresce, astound.

Profound bright
Hot green, hot red
O'er the Homestead

23 April 2012

Luminous Wake                

reveries  &

verities    &

reveries      &

verities        &

verities          &

reveries            &


8 MARCH 2012

BEADS II                

Look to the sky
Find Divine Beads
String and set in motion
The stars plants seeds.

18 AUGUST 2011


They wrote in the past
And they are here
In the present.


It is all the Great Work
Building something to last
At last.

18 AUGUST 2011

Fire + Water                

Fire moving water
Fire moving water
Fire moving water
And this is how it is to be.

20 JULY 2011

Latern Light                
Lantern Light Night                ;
First Generation                   ;
The Gyre of Regeneration           .
Reflects the day                   ;
And a new day scintillate          .
In the night                       ;
In the late late                 |||||
Night                            [:≡:]
Darkness in the night            [ ∴ ]
Pulls line focus on night light  [:≡:]
Ardent lit light sight           |||||
Lite Site                          ?
Project lite sight
In the night site
Bright great white
Light bright
Entrance to the Omniscient
Masters of time.

Oh yeah
Seen, sometimes unseen
But please believe (in)
This Lodge.
Believers will see
A great see of sea
Now see.
___ ____

19 JULY 2011

The Lake of New Visions
new visions
Row, row, row your boat.
Four bolts, the new dock, and the slope.

19 JUNE 2011


OUT the Window
AND O'er the shower

OUT in the late on the lake
AND the undulating glimmer, the make of the Flower

EVINCE by patience, the Entrance, a Fate
SKY wait for Sky, undulate, I can, but I ______ ____.
WATER of the outer river and oh vvavy, vvwavy
WAKE from the dock and the loving limpid current of water

OUT our outer, into our inner, dither
AND the old gold : new gold : simmer

IN AND OUT OF this confounding and obstreperous glimmer
AND the effervescent gate, and the wait, all great lakes

GREAT creep, great crawl
RAMP of the end of day
FIND the wheel and the mirror of their shadow
AND they project upon and 
LAND the beautiful land, I love 

28 APRIL 2011


Now we water the Earth
With the rain
Rain, wash away the pain

Let us feel the glory
And love of

28 APRIL 2011

B E A D S (summer 2009 prelude to beads)

Look to Nature
Find Divine Beads
String and set in motion
The Earth plants seeds


Red Red Ribbon

Red Red Ribbon
In the invisible sky, there is an ultramarine ladder to climb
An ultramarine ladder and the effervescent
Teachers drawing nigh

Your red red ribbon
Tows this forward on the horizontal wake of the vertical climb
You are the honey of the pantheon, you are sweet nectar divine
Your red red ribbon will tie-up a bouquet of flowers for hours
The infinity of the moment, the minute, all of hours

I know that the end of fear is brought by the visit of death
The ruling of the great light is what brings this forth
Know the effulgent entrance is forward fire North
The key is looking in and looking upward
Live our life for the greater source
The end is always the beginning
But this is what matters in the beginning of the end

I red the ribbon
You are such honey of the high, you melt flowers
Spring is nigh and there are hot buds with divine power
New blossoming buds bring new waves, waves never like any before
Ride the waves of change and
Realize there is no limit to which you may travel

So, red red ribbon
This is life


Certain things catch your eye
but pursue only those that capture your heart.
		-- old Native American proverb


Protect Our Family

We must protect the forests
For those who can not speak for themselves
Such as the birds, the animals, the fish,
And the trees.
		-- Qwatsinas Nuxalk Nation

3 OCTOBER 2010


The warmth of the sun and the gift of water
Now, I turn to you
Neptune, I turn to you
I love you, blue, I love you, I love neptune.

Neptune, the water of our soul
So deep and so blue
So unknown and so true.

True blue, Big Waves
Neptune, I turn to you
Ignite my electric blue hues
Neptune, I think of you.

Blue, I am yours, and I am happy, and I am blue
Neptune, I throw a rainbow ring 'round the Moon
Neptune Blue, I build paradise for you.

Neptune, they say unseen to the naked eye
They say you cannot see neptune in the sky
Is this true or have I seen you?

Neptune is still forming
Powdery blue
Cosmic dust and true water true, Neptune, the Sun is true.

Neptune shall be our home away from this home
If we wish
Do we wish, how we wish, and when we wish
Is what I wish to know.

I wish to know you, Neptune
I wish to bask in the glory of your sunlight
Feel the magic of your blue.

So true
So true
Most certainly true, true
And without doubt.

So soft and so blue, big waves and all that is blue
So unknown and so old, and so bold
So new, so strange, so true.

Neptune, the mystery of my life
Neptune, to know you is to know the mystery
Neptune, home
Neptune, to know you is to know love.

And to know love is to know life.
Love ends all suffering, all pain, and all darkness in the night.
Love ends all strife.
For the morning star dances for you, Neptune
Neptune, The star sing and color for you.

_ _____ __ seventh, for you.




In transit, in car
Sunshine oneside
Otherside: rain.

Clear circle in the middle
A Halo that hover
The while when forest fire rage.

Quick break to coax bright
Then sunshine reign.



A hawk guards the tip of the pine
Hither the divine

A trail in the woods
Can lead to this pine
A pine that is thine

No straight line
Just a line

15 JULY 2010


Mother Moon,
Six moons above 
A starless night
With shores illuminated by a soft green light

Dock is there
And the six moons shine bright
Let it be, let it be
Swim forward

Swim forward
Let life in
Set the spirit free.

15 JULY 2010

Top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top.

15 JULY 2010

First came picture
Then came sound

APRIL 2010

Click here to watch Sextexting Videodrome. A kinetic typography animation inspired by David Cronenberg's Videodrome (1982).

MARCH 2010

Why art thou silent & invisible
Father of Jealousy
Why dost thou hide thyself in clouds
From every searching Eye

Why darkness & obscurity
In all thy words & laws
That none date eat the fruit but from
The wily serpents jaws
Is is it because Secresy
Gains females loud applause
		-- W. Blake

12 MARCH 2010

Trees are Down: Uploaded. Mission accomplished. Watch the four minute fever here. More uploads soon.

26 JAN 10

Here is a film still from Tropical Digital. More soon.

26 JAN 10

Welcome to the latest Earth Keeper website. After one year of a down site, and after three prototype designs, we have a final verdict — we call this design the “zebra-stripe my yellow” design.

25 JAN 10

In the process of uploading video excerpts for Trees are Down and Big Waves. TBA

24 JAN 10

Premature site update: We expect to launch our new website sometime before the 1st of February 1994. Right now we are putting the finishing touches on some animated .gifs.