Inner Peace

Turmoil & toil

And the good
Within us all

Inner peace
& the the soft breeze

Plications of the path
Lead us to true happiness

& I remember
Holding you

And I remember again
What is true

Following the light
Whether day or night

A feeling so bright
Ineffable guiding light


Stay free

Daily thoughts of the thing I know
How I used to know how I feel

Inured to pain
Yet, I long, with alacrity

How I live & how I long
How I know & how I grow

And I’ll signify the listener
I write it here for remembrance

Stay free

Warm Breeze

I remember when I’d feel a warm breeze
And I’d think of your face
A seagull would caw
And I’d think of your grace

When it’d rain
It’d pour
But the storm would say
There’s something more

The storm would say
Ride the river
Stay buoyant
Like an inflatable raft

Seek the egg
And it will hatch

Myst & Motion

I hear the tugboat
From the Old Man’s hollow

Over there, he is
With the lantern light
I follow

And Alone
I find respite from my own zone

Up top, I gaze below
To find the Elysian Fields
That yield a place called Home

A purling river snakes thro’
From dale-to-dale
Soon, you’ll see, we shall lift the veil
And regale