From there to her
Replenishing life
Ever more than we’ll ever know

Talking to my friend in Aether
Guiding me from past times
Of a halcyon so wonderful

Lifetimes of learning
Have kept the world turning
And the Sun burning

Island Light

That night
I saw a light
An island light
By the high land night

And in the water
The serpent swam

Forever, a visit
I hold dear in hand

And in the sky
A guardian o’er the land

And on the water
A glowing orange mystery
Water’d the sand

Forever, a glowing memory
Held dearly in the land

The Purling River

A purling river runs through us
Whence sprang from His Divine Vein
And we whirl on forward
To the refulgent terra firma
Where the Golden Aeon reign.


Times, lines, find
Through time, the Sign
Infinite line of fine

Thread of Will
Thread of Divine
One mind, two in kind

They thread the line
They sign the time
Mind the line
And find the line

The record of ALL
Twined Divine
Ip up and down and UP
New Land abound
Find, found, scintillate, effloresce, astound.

Profound bright
Hot green, hot red
O’er the Homestead