Mercury, I can see, Mercury.

Peaceful thing float in sky
Love & Light never die.

Let us see
See here
Hear her
Great dear, have no fear

Mercury, I can hear you, Mercury.

You are the seer
Your are the communicator.

I say hear me
You already have.
I say near me, you say down below.
I say big sky
Say we will adopt the highway

Mercury, sweet Mercury

Hear us when we say:
No war, just peace.

Let us meet
Adopt a highway
Spirit animal
Falcon in sky
Mend the good!

Mercury, I can see

Two sweaters.
Good morning guidance letters

Sense this sense
Tell of the messenger; the mediator
That traversed
The early universe.

You can see, Mercury.

I love
You, how you stand

By the sun
‘Till the work here is done.
Help us with our land.
Pick up the pace; we can learn;
World be better place. Change be great.

You can see me, Mercury.

It’s a comfort to me,

Knowing you
Are closest
To the Sun.
Spinning; communicating;
Communication spun.