The warmth of the sun and the gift of water
Now, I turn to you
Neptune, I turn to you
I love you, blue, I love you, I love Neptune

Neptune, the water of our soul
So deep and so blue
So unknown and so true

True blue, big waves
Neptune, I turn to you
Ignite my electric blue hues
Neptune, I think of you

Blue, I am yours, and I am happy, and I am blue
Neptune, I throw a rainbow ring ’round the Moon
Neptune Blue, I build paradise for you

Neptune, they say unseen to the naked eye
They say you cannot see Neptune in the sky
Is this true or have I seen you?

Neptune is still forming
Powdery blue
Cosmic dust and true water true, Neptune, the Sun is true

Neptune shall be our home away from this home
If we wish
Do we wish, how we wish, and when we wish
Is what I wish to know

I wish to know you, Neptune
I wish to bask in the glory of your sunlight
Feel the magic of your blue

So true
So true
Most certainly true, true
And without doubt

So soft and so blue, big waves and all that is blue
So unknown and so old, and so bold
So new, so strange, so true

Neptune, the mystery of my life
Neptune, to know you is to know the mystery
Neptune, home
Neptune, to know you is to know love

And to know love is to know life
Love ends all suffering, all pain, and all darkness in the night
Love ends all strife
For the morning star dances for you, Neptune
Neptune, the star sing and color for you

_ _____ __ seventh, for you.