Red Red Ribbon

Red red ribbon
In the invisible sky, there is an ultramarine ladder to climb
An ultramarine ladder and the effervescent
Teachers drawing nigh

Your red red ribbon
Tows this forward on the horizontal wake of the vertical climb
You are the honey of the pantheon, you are sweet nectar divine
Your red red ribbon will tie-up a bouquet of flowers for hours
The infinity of the moment, the minute, all of hours

I know that the end of fear is brought by the visit of death
The ruling of the great light is what brings this forth
Know the effulgent entrance is forward fire North
The key is looking in and looking upward
Live our life for the greater source
The end is always the beginning
But this is what matters in the beginning of the end

I red the ribbon
You are such honey of the high, you melt flowers
Spring is nigh and there are hot buds with divine power
New blossoming buds bring new waves, waves never like any before
Ride the waves of change and
Realize there is no limit to which you may travel

So, red red ribbon
This is life