Jupiter’s Eye

Jupiter’s sky to the sky
Presents, coming presence of …
And two suns and friends meet in the sky, teary-eyed.

Their Light confounds the eye
Yet light never lie

We cannot let a grand opportunity
A blessing, traveling our way
Pass by

The dark of night
Is unfailingly allayed by the morning light

Mornin’, light.

In sight
The sunrise
The yellow, the orange
And a view from the porch

Seeing past darkness
Even seeing past light
Is where you find magnificent insight

And three ascending points

It is time to build.
Build upon, build on.

A view
Coast to coast
Corner to corner
Where we have a beach and its shore
Where we see the most

Where we have sight:
A chain of friends
Alingin’ and a climbin’ the lining
The white rips of Caribbean blue shores
Sunshine; moonlight
Ascending upward also toward

And we have the the sun lodge.

The lovely Sun Lodge
The sunny place;
The sunny place where we learn.

Great Winds of Change
Ineffable Change
Comin’ everyone way
We see the range